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Wedding cake at a Calgary micro wedding.

Micro-Weddings – All the Feels. Way Fewer Bills

A micro-wedding is just that…a wedding that is scaled down as small as you would like it to be. It still has all the elements of a “regular” wedding – a beautiful venue, photographer, cake and decor – but at a fraction of the cost.

Intimate and simple does not mean that the bride and groom should not have exactly what they always imagined! It does not require sacrificing essential details.

Outdoor micro wedding near Calgary

Weddings – Before and Now

When I got married, there were only three real Wedding Options: 

A traditional wedding, with everyone you’ve ever met, was invited.. and, as it turns out,
everyone your future mother-in-law ever met… and the distant relatives that nobody had ever
met – expensive, without any real memories, other than what you see later in your photographs. 

An elopement, with everyone you’ve ever met – mad at you because you didn’t invite them,
including your future mother-in-law… and, chances are, the only pictures that you took at the
photo booth. 

Bride and groom at a Calgary Micro wedding

A destination wedding, with a very, select few of your friends, maybe, if they can afford it, and
probably with random strangers standing beside you at the altar while the Captain of the Ship performs the ceremony.

All of these have their positive aspects. I chose the first – a traditional wedding. I chose this one because I didn’t want anyone mad at me, and I couldn’t afford the Destination Wedding option. I also wanted my flower bouquet and my best friends to be my bridesmaids. I wanted professional photographs that would last forever! 

However, we now live in a time when large gatherings are not an option! COVID-19 has taken care of that! Not only is it not possible to have everyone we’ve ever met in one place, But! Many people have learned that they prefer to keep things a bit simpler…a bit smaller.

This is where a Micro-Wedding shines! With a Micro-Wedding, simpler and smaller mostly means less cost and less stress. 

Managing the cost of your wedding day while not sacrificing the details is one of the most significant advantages of micro-weddings.  Then you can still take that dream honeymoon, buy a house together or start planning for your future together.

Contributor: Rachel Boschman – Author and Blogger

Images: Fusion Photography

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